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*Updated TOC version for patch 7.3.
*Fixed bugs with changes to how sounds are played.

*Updated TOC version for patch 7.2.

*Updated TOC version for patch 7.1.

*Fixed issue where moving random enchant / staged items were treated as base items.

*Fixed some slowness with evaluating prices.

*Fixed error when starting a quick post scan.

*Using new APIs added to core TSM addon to workaround Blizzard's item caching issues.

*Bumped TOC version for patch 7.0.x.

*Added some analytics events.

*Fixed bug with internal logging message.

*Added two new module APIs for third-party addons to use.

*Increase max slider values to 5k for reset scan options.

*Fixed issue with item auctions not properly updating.
*Fixed visual issue with log tooltip for reset scan.

*Fixed lua error when viewing auctions during special cancel scan.

*Fixed bug with blacklisted players not being undercut properly.

*Fixed lua error when the post scan detects an invalid configuration.

*Initial 3.0 version!

*Updated for patch 6.2

*Fixing interface version.

*Updated for patch 6.1.

*Added reagent bank for auctioning bankui functions.
*Ignore Soulbound items for auctioning bankui functions.

*Updated for patch 6.0.2

*Fixed lua error with post / cancel scan caused by new blacklist code.

*Shortened "Ignore Auctions Below Minimum" to "Ignore Auctions Below Min" so it'd fit in the dropdown better.
*Added a blacklist option to Auctioning operations.
*Made the item icon at the top of the Auctioning AH tab while posting/canceling clickable.
*Minor visual changes to Auctioning options.
*Fixed reset scan not selecting proper row after buying an auction.
*Scans with large filters should no longer cause interface lag while the results are beeing processed.

*Fixed typo in normal price tooltip.
*Taking advantage of TSMAPI:IsPlayer() for better connected realm support.

*Fixed bug with max inventory quantity not working for reset scan.

*No update. Trying to fix issue with curse.

*Added keep quantity to Auctioning operations (including relationship support).
*Added warning (in chat) for items with min prices below the vendor sell price.
*Added relationship support for "Max Inventory Quantity" reset option.

*The sound for when a post/cancel scan is complete is now defaulted to off.

*Fixed bug with getting battle pet stack size.

*Added the option to select the sound that is played when post / cancel scan is complete.

*Fixed a few bugs in the post scan code.
*Fixed bug with the cancel scan not canceling at the min price when it should to repost higher.

*Auctioning will now the bid as well as the buyout of whitelisted players (when it previously just matched the buyout).
*Fixed a bug with multiple profiles.

*Fixed bug with cancel scan when player's auction was the only one and "above max" price was set to post at max.

*Updating group tree creation API call.

*Fixed bug with the post scan searching for operations which have posting disabled.
*Fixed bug with log tooltips not displaying the lowest buyout.
*Fixed intermittent issue with the post scan not finding an item and throwing an error.
*Added "above max price" dropdown to post options within operations.

*Fixed bug with sorting of log.

*Added reset method to ignore all auctions below min price.
*Enabled sorting of post / cancel log.
*Added "Max Inventory Quantity" option to the reset options of operations.
*Enabled sorting of post/cancel log.
*Added custom filter support for canceling all auctions below/above a buyout price.
*Fixed some 5.4 issues.
*Updated TOC for patch 5.4.
*Fixed bug with cancel scan validating repost higher threshold when not enabled.

*Fixed localization related error.
*Fixed bug related to canceling auctions which the player has undercut.
*Moved operation management to new tab.

*Fixed a bug with posting against whitelist auctions above the max price.
*Fixed bug with cancel scan scanning operations without canceling enabled.

*First 2.0 Version!

*Updated for patch 5.2.
*The cancel scan should no longer cause UI lag when requeuing items which didn't cancel correctly the first time.
*Made the "___ as a ___" price source dropboxes slightly larger.
*Fixed a global usage of _ which was causing taint in the glyph UI.
*Added basic support for battle pets.
*Added category management buttons for removing all category overrides and for removing all group overrides.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Added Auctioning group creation wizard.
*Fixed some divide by zero issues for patch 5.0.4.
*The maximum price gap setting was removed.
*Fixed a bug with scanning items by itemID.
*Added tooltips to resetscan log.
*Added support for the new TSM design.
*Added feature for creating shopping lists from Auctioning groups / categories.
*Fixed a bug with items at reset price being incorrectly canceled.
*Added quick group creation feature.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Added tooltips to the add/remove items pages for the items in the lists.
*Improved the sorting of the post/cancel log.
*Added an option for items to be added to groups by itemID rather than itemString.
*Added an API to allow Warehousing to get the post num from Auctioning.
*The processing for the reset scan should no longer cause noticeable lag.
*Added group validation back into the addon (never meant to take it out).
*Changed the default fallback from 5g to 1000g.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*First Release Version!

**Beta Versions:**

*Fixed an error that was preventing people who hadn't updated in a while from posting.
*Fixed a bug that would cause an error when setting the reset method to "custom" in some situations.

*Updated the TOC for patch 4.2.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*A bunch of minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed a bug with Crafting not being able to get fallback data accurately for items with a fallback set as a % of something at the category level.
*Fixed a bug with improper rounding causing items with a stack size greater than one to sometimes not be canceled correctly.
*Fixed a bug with items that are posting at a reset price not getting canceled correctly.
*Fixed a bug where the counts were not updating correctly on items there were canceling due to reset prices.
*Fixed a bug with the undercut editbox not updating / showing correctly.
*You can no longer create a nameless group / category.
*Fixed a bug with posting more than one stack worth of an item.
*Cleaned up a lot of the posting and cancel all code.
*Added a warning message for when somebody moves an item around in their bags while a post scan is running. Don't do it!
*Added group validation to the start of a post / cancel scan. A popup will be shown if invalid groups are found.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Added support for setting threshold / fallback as a percent of values from TheUndermineJournal addon.
*Fixed a bug with the "Don't Import Already Grouped Items" doing the opposite of what it was set to.

*Updated the scanning code to work better with the new version of Auctioneer.
*Made a ton of improvements and tweaks to the bot prevention code.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed a bug where patterns that taught you how to make BOP items weren't able to be added.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed a bug where smart group creation wasn't working for items with "-" in their name.
*Fixed a ton of bugs / annoyances with the Auctioning options.
*Updated the TOC to 4.1.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed a bug where after adding/removing an item/group, the tab was being changed to "Management".
*Fixed a bug where soulbound keys were showing up in the add/remove items tab.
*The "Number of Stacks" label in the post frame will now show the number of stacks remaining to be posted.
*Made the initial post scan processing take far less time (should no longer be noticable at all).
*Added the ability to enter "0.5" into the 2nd box in the Cancel All window to cancel all auctions with short duration.
*Added a "Smart group creation" option to the top "Options" page. Check the tooltip to see what it does.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed a bug with how Auctioning gets info about what the player has in their bags.
*Posting a large number of auctions should no longer freeze the game client for a few seconds after hitting the "Post" icon.
*Fixed a bug with items posted at % fallbacks being incorrectly canceled.
*Added the capability to deal with items on the keyring.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Added a "Show Auctions" button to the post / cancel frame for viewing currently posted auctions the current item.
*Added a "Edit Post Price" button to the post frame for adjusting the post buyout.
*Added a method for importing / exporting groups.
*Added a blacklist feature.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Added a config button to post / cancel frames.
*Fixed a bug with original config button in sidebar.
*Fixed a bug with renaming groups causing an error.
*Fixed a bug with smart canceling not taking into account "disable auto canceling" correctly.
*Added code to hopefully prevent stack overflows when posting large numbers of auctions.
*Added option for ignoring short duration auctions.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Added an option for playing a sound when a scan is complete.
*You can now disable groups to prevent them from posting / canceling.
*Added a "Smart Scanning" option which won't scan for things that are set to not post / cancel.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed some bugs with items with bids on them getting canceled incorrectly.
*Changed the tab order for group / category settings.
*Skipping an item should no longer cause the post frame to bug out.
*Put in warnings for invalid threshold / fallback settings.
*Collapsed categories should now remain collapsed between sessions.
*Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

*Fixed the localization tags.
*Reverted the posting code back to when it was working. It will post correctly now but may leave some uneven stacks in the player's bags.
*Inlcuded new functions to provide compatibility with the new "Create Auctioning Groups" feature in Crafting.
*Many other minor changes and bug fixes.

*Fixed some bugs with posting multiple stacks worth of one item.
*Randomly enchanted gear should now be posted properly.
*You can now use the link of an item as the name of a group.

*Setting threshold/fallback as a % at the category or default level should now correctly be calculated per group rather than just assigning one value to every group.
*The evaluation of a non-overriden threshold / fallback setting will not show in the fallback/threshold editbox for the group.
*Fixed a bug with the rows in the Log overlapping after a status scan.
*Fixed a bug preventing posting of multiple stacks worth of some items.
*Many other minor changes and bug fixes.

*Fixed the memory leak with the log.
*Fixed cancelall scans.
*Fixed a bug where adding items to Auctioning through Crafting was sometimes causing an error.
*Many other minor changes and bug fixes.

*Settings should now properly transfer.
*Bindings are now saved by character.
*Many other bug fixes

*Fixed a bug with the popups added in 0.1.3Beta

*Added a popup for first time users when you first visit the Auctioning options.

*Fixed a major bug with the groups not transferring correctly from APM.

*Updated the changelog.
*Fixed a typo in the posting interface.

*First Beta Release!
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