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September 9th 2020 (2479466):

  • Added "What's New" dialog
  • Added tooltips to the mats listed in Destroying and made the mat list scrollable
  • Some UI improvements to the Import dialog
  • Fixed issue with list of sub classes in advanced item filter
  • Fixed issue with Vendoring buying too many
  • Fixed UI issue with empty dropdowns
  • Fixed issue with disenchant info not showing on some items
  • Fixed Inbox summary text getting clipped
  • Fixed Gathering profession selection getting reset
  • Fixed buying of armor/weapons via task list
  • Fixed error while switching tabs in the Crafting UI

September 3rd 2020 (8c178f9):

  • Reduced the minimum size of most TSM UIs
  • Group add / delete icons are now usable on hover in the Groups UI
  • Added "None" option to My Auctions duration dropdown
  • Updated bonusIds which TSM tracks
  • Right-clicking will now collapse/expand a group
  • The input will now auto-focus in the rename dialog for favoriteAuctioning / Browse searches
  • The Crafting UI will now remember its selection when changing tabs
  • Fixed search input getting cleared when switching away from a Browse search
  • Fixed issue with Mailing filter applying after closing / re-opening the UI
  • Fixed Gathering not selecting all professions by default
  • Fixed issue with renaming or deleting profiles which are in use on other characters
  • Fixed issue with some old import strings not working
  • Fixed UI issue with group filter dialog
  • Fixed issue with restocking cooldown crafts

September 1st 2020 (af2a159):

  • Fixed issue with cancel scans when "Match Stack Size" was enabled on classic
  • Fixed some issues with post scans not behaving correctly when the cheapest auction was below or near the min price
  • Fixed error when performing large auction scans
  • Fixed issue with scans getting stuck

September 1st 2020 (6072563):

  • Fixed Destroying getting stuck with some loot speed addons
  • Some UX improvements to the Vendoring buy dialog
  • Fixed some import UI issues and errors

August 30th 2020 (033b6db):

  • Added tooltip to show repair costs in the Vendoring UI
  • Added item level column (hidden by default) to Vendoring
  • Added a new dialog when shift-clicking to buy multiple of an item in the Vendoring UI
  • Added a new tooltip option to display Auctioning operation post quantities
  • Added the ability to create groups from the tables in Crafting Reports
  • Improved UX of rename profile dialog
  • Guild gold amounts will now update on any character in the guild as long as one of your alts is the guild leader
  • Auctioning operations will now post at max price instead of normal price when above max by default
  • Crafting will now ignore Fishing Skills
  • Auctioning will properly consider your undercut setting when evaluating whether auctions are below your min price
  • Updated import UI to be much faster for pasting large strings
  • Updated export UI to allow selecting specific sub-groups to be included
  • Removed the old import/export UI
  • Vendoring will now show your current balance of other currencies used by the vendor
  • Fixed collapsed groups not showing when searching group trees
  • Fixed auctions from alts not displaying properly on retail
  • Fixed issue with Vendoring buying too many
  • Fixed bug with crafting costs for items made with multiple crafts when one has a CD
  • FIxed some layout issues with the commodity conformation UI
  • Fixed restock_help command not considering how much each craft mats
  • Fixed issues with "Max Expires to Bank" button
  • Fixed error when right-clicking in the queue
  • Fixed error from the graph
  • Fixed Mailing auto-completing alts from the opposite faction

August 28th 2020 (4321707):

  • Fixed error caused by Blizzard bug with sold auctions
  • Fixed font rendering issues on Chinese and Korean clients
  • Fixed error on commodity buyout confirmation UI
  • Fixed issue with modifying custom sources

August 24th 2020 (ca78279):

  • You can now link items to /tsm get and /tsm put
  • Updated prospecting ratios
  • Fixed FPS issues with "Has Materials" filter in Crafting
  • Fixed issue with some enchanting crafting costs changing when the UI updates
  • Fixed adding or removing custom sources not being reflected in tooltips until a reload
  • Fixed issue with post cap on classic
  • Fixed issue with sniper sound on retail
  • Fixed issue with tooltip not updating when the table row changes

August 17th 2020 (4ed04e5):

  • Implemented new import and export UIs within the Groups tab of the main UI (the old import/export tab will be removed in the next update)
  • Groups with lots of items should now load faster
  • Fixed error and lag when renaming or moving groups
  • Fixed issue with auction scans sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed Gathering using crafts with cooldowns

August 11th 2020 (c68f208):

  • Added region/realm to app status tooltip
  • Updated default craft value method to include AH fee (for new TSM installs only)
  • Selecting your own auction in the commodity buyout confirmation UI will now work as expected
  • Fixed issue with fixed gold amounts in custom strings on some non-US clients
  • Fixed some Accounting syncing issues
  • Fixed issue with guild gold amount
  • Fixed issue with BugSack hiding TSM errors

August 8th 2020 (a0fd91b):

  • You can now shift-click items in Auctioning at the end of a scan in addition to on the selection UI
  • Added setting for auto-focusing the search input in Browse (enabled by default)
  • Sped up full AH scan on Classic
  • TSM will now show a proper error when trying to enter non-integer gold values
  • You can now click on the quantity within the Crafting queue to edit it in addition to the edit icon
  • Fixed FPS drop when Mailing groups
  • Fixed collapsing all groups not working in some situations
  • Fixed issue with auction sale sound not playing on some situations
  • Fixed issue with guild gold value being incorrectly recorded as 0
  • Fixed issue with entering multi-line messages in Mailing
  • Fixed soulbound items showing in Sell tab of Vendoring
  • Fixed Gathering trying to use CD crafts
  • Fixed issue with Auctioning showing that you have the max amount already posted when it shouldn't on retail
  • Minor UI tweaks and fixes

August 2nd 2020 (b80de61):

  • The edit dialog will now auto-show after creating a new custom source
  • Alts from connected realms will now show in the contacts dialog
  • Fixed error from account syncing
  • Fixed Destroying UI not updating properly when changing settings
  • Fixed min / max sale price not showing correctly in tooltips
  • Fixed Mailing trying to send soulbound items based on your groups
  • Fixed a cause of tooltips not showing while certain TSM UIs were open

August 2nd 2020 (d0cf66c):

  • Added a new warning when trying to buy commodities above your alert threshold and made the confirm button non-macroable in that case
  • Added tooltip to % column in Browse
  • Fixed fps drops caused by syncing Accounting data between accounts
  • Fixed rounding issue with custom strings
  • Fixed issue with buying stackable items from vendors
  • Fixed tooltip error on some items
  • Fixed some disenchant ratios
  • Fixed some Mailing UI report spam / copy letter errors
  • Fixed filtering My Auctions by linking an item
  • Fixed auto-complete inconsistencies in Mailing
  • Fixed some full AH scan issues (Classic)
  • Fixed sorting of purchases / expenses by "Auctions" in Ledger
  • Fixed error when changing bid / buyout when posting (via Browse or Auctioning)
  • Fixed secondary sorting of auction results to be by item buyout
  • Some minor UI tweaks / updates

July 25th 2020 (01bd195):

  • Added craft icon back to Crafting UI
  • The Crafting UI will no longer reset the quantity input when switching between recipes
  • Added option to lock the task list background
  • Linking an item while in the advanced item search UI of Browse will now populate the filter instead of searching for the item
  • Some UX improvements to the bid/buyout inputs in the Auctioning and Browse posting dialogs
  • Fixed issue with buying multiple stacks from a vendor not always buying enough
  • Fixed issue with Sniper sound not playing on Classic
  • Fixed some issues related to crafting costs of recipes with cooldowns

July 20th 2020 (a2ba317):

  • Removed the high bidder column from My Auctions on retail (was unused)
  • The bid amount will now be colored when there's an active bid in My Auctions
  • Increased max Mailing operations to 50
  • Your own auctions will now show in the commodity confirmation UI
  • Updated mass milling information
  • Increased the min width of the main UI to prevent clipping the app status icon
  • Added select/deselect all button to group item lists
  • The profession level will now show in the dropdown in the Crafting UI
  • You can now see the tooltip of non-gold costs in the Vendoring UI
  • Windows can now be moved more completely off screen
  • Added tooltip to resizer icon on Windows
  • Improved the summary text of multi-select dropdowns
  • Added ability to lock column width of tables
  • Fixed ordering of items in the task list
  • Fixed error when undercut evaluated to 0 on retail
  • Fixed typo in Vendoring settings
  • Fixed tooltip breaking after opening the guild bank
  • Fixed error some users were seeing on login
  • Fixed some UI issues with the Inbox
  • Some general UI tweaks and fixes

July 17th 2020 (c214386):

  • Fixed rounding issue with Auctioning prices
  • Fixed issue with the gold graph not showing some data in some situations
  • Fixed error when importing
  • Fixed error some prior alpha users were seeing

July 15th 2020 (28a37ba):

  • Added a % Profit column to the profession recipe list (disabled by default)
  • Changed scan progress text to show total number of items
  • Fixed issue with old character / guild data showing in the gold graph when it shouldn't
  • Fixed UI issue with X-axis gold graph labels when zoomed in
  • Fixed issue with order of the queue
  • Fixed error when right-clicking in the queue
  • Fixed lag / error when deleting many operations at once
  • Fixed bug with Sniper not playing a sound when an auction is found

July 14th 2020 (c31ac8b):

  • Fixed lag and error when selecting a module in the Operations UI with lots of groups
  • Fixed error when adding an operation to the base group
  • Fixed purchased auctions getting doubled in the Mail quantity show in the tooltip on classic
  • Fixed buyer name not showing on sold auctions on classic
  • Fixed error during Cancel Scan on classic
  • Some minor UI tweaks / fixes
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