The following issues are currently known in TradeSkillMaster 4:


  • Tooltip and account sync settings are reset with TSM4
  • Some button names have changed so the TSM3 Scrollwheel macro will not carry forward, recreating the Scrollwheel macro in TSM4 will correct this. Other macros will need to be updated accordingly.
  • Your own auctions are not highlighted.
  • Mailing - target name for disenchantables / send gold are not stored - you have to re-enter each time.
  • Gathering - Buy from AH only does a normal search until crafting mode in shopping has been implemented.
  • Cyrillic is about 90% supported.
  • Sorting of the default "Auctions" tab doesn't work
  • Cancel Scans will sometimes miss items, or cancel the incorrect item.
  • Canceling via My Auctions will not skip over items that have a bid placed even with "cancel auctions with bids" unselected in the settings.
  • Searching for materials in Crafting Reports can cause a crash.
  • It is not currently possible to outbid on an auction in TSM Shopping, and there is not currently an indication that you have placed a bid.
  • Auction scan status is not always accurate, TSM may complain a scan is active when it's not.

Not Yet Implemented

  • Some UI elements are not yet updated for TSM4 including Mailing, BankUI, Gathering, Ledger (previously Accounting) and some Settings pages.
  • Crafting mode is not yet enabled in Shopping
  • Graph Interaction / Dashboard Dropdowns / Scrollbar Scrolling
  • Sorting in some lists like Crafting, Post/Cancel Scan Results, My Auctions.
  • Highlighting the current row being posted/cancelled in post/cancel scans
  • Smart crafting / Cooldowns
  • Crafting toggle between craft cost, item value and profit
  • Recipe ranks and sources in Profession window

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