The following issues are currently known in TradeSkillMaster 4:


  • Tooltip and account sync settings are reset with TSM4
  • Some button names have changed so the TSM3 Scrollwheel macro will not carry forward, recreating the Scrollwheel macro in TSM4 will correct this. Other macros will need to be updated accordingly.
  • Some special characters with accents are displayed incorrectly.
  • Sorting of the default "Auctions" UI tab doesn't work
  • Setting the Group Filtering price source is not currently possible.
  • Clicking on a group may result in an error.
  • Clicking on a menu in the Settings page may result in an error.

Not Yet Implemented

  • Scrollbar click and scroll
  • Sorting in some lists like Crafting, Cancel Scan Results, My Auctions.
  • Group Tree collapse/expand status doesn't persist in all cases.
  • Recipe Rank information in the profession window is not available yet.


  • it is not currently possible to post an item manually unless you're undercutting another auction
  • Crafting mode is not yet enabled
  • It is not currently possible to outbid on an auction in TSM Shopping, and there is not currently an indication that you have placed a bid.


  • Your own auctions are not currently highlighted.
  • You may encounter errors when posting an item with multiple operations covering various stack sizes.
  • You may encounter errors in general while posting with your scrollwheel macro.


  • Target name for disenchantables / send gold are not stored - you have to re-enter each time.
  • Countdown to mailbox auto-refresh is currently missing.
  • Manual Refresh UI button is currently missing.
  • Modifiers to leave gold in the mailbox have not yet been reintroduced.
  • Chat output on sending or collecting mail has not been reintroduced.
  • You may receive an error while sending or collecting mail in some circumstances.
  • It's not currently possible to open a specific mail to individually retrieve items.


  • The crafting queue may not display items in the queue correctly. Switch to Crafting Reports tab and back as a temporary workaround.
  • It's not currently possible to sort the crafting queue by profit or 'can craft, then profit'
  • While crafting, your current material count might not update in your recipe UI
  • You may encounter an error while crafting more than one of a particular item.
  • In some circumstances adding items to your craft queue will cause an error.

Task List

  • The Task List may not add the correct number of materials to the list until you've finished crafting what is currently possible to craft
  • Items you have already crafted may be repopulated in the Task List
  • Cooldowns that are on Cooldown sometimes fail to be removed from the Task List
  • Filtering and ignoring of Cooldowns is not currently possible.


  • Selling 'vendor trash' sometimes doesn't sell trash with flavour-text.
  • Talking to a vendor may sometimes result in an error.
  • TSM does not currently indicate if you have already learned a recipe sold by a vendor.

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