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  • The Shopping tab of the auction house has been renamed to Browse and the various auction tabs have been reordered to make their functions clearer

  • A new Commodity Buyout modal has been introduced for purchasing commodities

  • Browse scans now show browse results as they are loaded, and allow for pausing to quickly buy items before the entire scan finishes.

  • Auctioning scans can now be paused/resumed to post/cancel items before the scan completes.

  • The "even stacks" option has been removed from Shopping/Browse as it is no longer needed with the new commodity system in 8.3

  • The Bid and Buyout confirmation window with Browse and Sniper can now be added to the TSM macro.

  • You can now quickly cancel your own auctions from Browse (retail only).

  • The search mode has been removed from Shopping, and replaced with the (pre-existing) "/crafting" filter option.

  • The default commodity purchase quantity will now be more intelligently set when doing certain Shopping searches (i.e. gathering).

  • The My Auctions UI can now be sorted (retail only).

  • Favorited Auctioning searches can now be renamed.

  • The Auctioning Log has been improved to give more clarity on what has already been posted/cancelled.

  • The auction duration in My Auctions will now be colored on retail

  • Added (disabled by default) Bid Total, Buyout Total, and Bid % columns to the Auction table


  • Added a new Operations Summary Page showing number of groups and items each Operation affects
  • Various Auctioning operation settings (post cap, max expires, keep quantity, stack size) now accept custom prices.
  • Restock quantity settings within Shopping and Crafting operations now accept custom prices.

  • The Auctioning post cap, Warehousing and Vendoring Operation max values have been increased to 50k for retail.

  • Auctioning operations will now remember what tab you're on