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  • The crafting queue will now be sorted by profit (after whether or not you have the mats needed to craft things).

  • Added "Create Groups from Table" option to recipe list in the Crafting UI as well as the tables in Crafting Reports to easily create a group from a filtered list

  • Recipes can now be favorited within the Crafting UI to allow for easy access.

  • Items in the Crafting Queue will have a distinct tooltip, showing profit per craft and total profit for queued crafts

  • Material costs can now be easily reset to the default value.

  • Removed old ranks of recipes from Crafting Reports

  • The crafting cost tooltip will now show for all craftable items, even if the crafting cost isn't currently valid, to allow for more easy debugging of missing mat costs.

  • The crafting numeric input will now update while crafting

  • The recipe list will now remember what's collapsed and properly change the selection when collapsing categories

  • Updated default craft value method to include AH fee (for new TSM installs only)


  • You can now search for any item in the game and easily add it to a group via the new Base Group UI.

  • A group with multiple operations can now have its operations easily be reordered by clicking and dragging them.

  • Import / Export has moved from its own tab to be integrated into the Groups UI, with a much improved import and export flow