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September 9th 2020 (2479466):

  • Added "What's New" dialog
  • Added tooltips to the mats listed in Destroying and made the mat list scrollable
  • Some UI improvements to the Import dialog
  • Fixed issue with list of sub classes in advanced item filter
  • Fixed issue with Vendoring buying too many
  • Fixed UI issue with empty dropdowns
  • Fixed issue with disenchant info not showing on some items
  • Fixed Inbox summary text getting clipped
  • Fixed Gathering profession selection getting reset
  • Fixed buying of armor/weapons via task list
  • Fixed error while switching tabs in the Crafting UI

September 3rd 2020 (8c178f9):

  • Reduced the minimum size of most TSM UIs
  • Group add / delete icons are now usable on hover in the Groups UI
  • Added "None" option to My Auctions duration dropdown
  • Updated bonusIds which TSM tracks
  • Right-clicking will now collapse/expand a group
  • The input will now auto-focus in the rename dialog for favoriteAuctioning / Browse searches
  • The Crafting UI will now remember its selection when changing tabs
  • Fixed search input getting cleared when switching away from a Browse search
  • Fixed issue with Mailing filter applying after closing / re-opening the UI
  • Fixed Gathering not selecting all professions by default
  • Fixed issue with renaming or deleting profiles which are in use on other characters
  • Fixed issue with some old import strings not working
  • Fixed UI issue with group filter dialog
  • Fixed issue with restocking cooldown crafts

September 1st 2020 (af2a159):

  • Fixed issue with cancel scans when "Match Stack Size" was enabled on classic
  • Fixed some issues with post scans not behaving correctly when the cheapest auction was below or near the min price
  • Fixed error when performing large auction scans
  • Fixed issue with scans getting stuck

September 1st 2020 (6072563):

  • Fixed Destroying getting stuck with some loot speed addons
  • Some UX improvements to the Vendoring buy dialog
  • Fixed some import UI issues and errors

August 30th 2020 (033b6db):