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Retail - Patch 8.


  • Some addons are causing conflicts after pre-patch 8.0, if you are encountering any errors please disable all other addons as a first troubleshooting step. 
  • Currently known addons that may cause conflicts: ElvUI, Pawn, FishingBuddy, Bagnon, ArkInventory, ConsLegion.



  • An FPS drop on very first launch with TSM4 or after a game patch is expected, leave it running while things load and then restart your game client.
  • Tooltip and account sync settings are reset with TSM4
  • Some button names have changed so the TSM3 Scrollwheel macro will not carry forward, recreating the Scrollwheel macro in TSM4 will correct this. Other macros will need to be updated accordingly.
  • Sorting of the default "Auctions" UI tab doesn't work
  • Renaming a group may result in an error.
  • Confirming a buyout, cancel or auctioning post scan too quickly can cause errors in some situations.
  • Ignore Random Enchants option selection does not persist currently. Note the option only applies as you're adding items to a group.
  • Account Syncing currently does not share crafting data between accounts.
  • The TSM hook in to sold item alerts currently doesn't function, including the sale sound.

Not Yet Implemented

  • Sorting in some lists like Crafting, Cancel Scan Results, My Auctions.
  • Recipe Rank information in the profession window is not available yet.
  • Appearance customisation including Font Size and UI Scaling.
  • Persistent UI view selection such as selecting default Vendor or Mailing and remembering that.
  • Inventory Viewer has not been reintroduced.


  • Crafting search is not yet implemented.
  • It is not currently possible to post an item manually outside of auctioning operations unless you are undercutting another auction. Undercutting is done with the 'Gavel' icon.


  • Starting and restarting during a sniper scan can cause an error.


  • Sometimes not possible to send gold to alts. 
  • Keep In Bags is sometimes not honored.
  • When a group has multiple Mailing operations TSM can sometimes get stuck sending.
  • Target name for disenchantables / send gold are not stored - you have to re-enter each time.
  • Modifiers to leave gold in the mailbox have not yet been reintroduced.



  • Auction House performance and speed is generally slow after the release of 8.3
  • Creating a new profile may fail if the Enter key is not pressed after entering the name


  • The selected auction may skip a line while purchasing while using the scrollwheel macro.


  • Cancel scan results and My Auctions tab may refresh the UI momentarily while using the scrollwheel macro.


  • Moving items to/from bank can be slow and can miss items


  • It's not currently possible to sort the crafting queue by profit or 'can craft, then profit'
  • It's not currently possible to search for specific materials in the Crafting tab.
  • The Crafting Reports don't currently track inventory data correctly.


  • Destroy Next may sometimes get stuck if it's clicked too quickly, or an addon is used to hide the loot frame.

Task List

  • It's not currently possible to trade inks at the vendor with Task List 
  • Task List sometimes suggests logging into alts but does not list what items are actually need to get needed from those alts.
  • Collecting items from the guild bank is generally slow.
  • Task List will incorrectly assume some daily cooldowns are not daily.
  • Expired Auctions may incorrectly persist in the Task List.

Not Yet Implemented

  • Recipe Rank information in the profession window is not available yet.
  • Informational and contextual interface tooltips are not yet added.

Classic WoW

  • Disenchant tables are improved in 4.9.6 but may still need tweaks.
  • Running a manual scan will sometimes fail or cause your client to disconnect. This is normal behaviour and would be fixed by Blizzard.
  • The Tasklist will not prompt you to collect materials from your bank in order to craft.
  • Sometimes the vendorbuy price is forgotten. Revisit the vendor with the TSM UI to repopulate this data.

If your issue is not listed above, please follow the directions for getting help.