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Patch 7.2.5

  • Some crafting recipes that produce multiple quantities of items will show incorrect craft costs / material quantities (per item) in tooltips and also queue the wrong amount (assumes recipe only makes one item)


  • Using 'Create All' or 'Craft Next' with multiple crafts in TSM Crafting will occasionally stop after the first craft. A temporary workaround is to /reload and try again.

TSM Destroying

  • Sometimes items that you can disenchant are not displayed in the TSM Destroying window. A temporary workaround is to disable the automatic display of the TSM Destroying window at /tsm > Options > Destroying, reloading your UI with /reload, waiting 30 seconds and typing /tsm destroy to manually display the Destroying window.


  • Using certain TSM features while running two WoW clients synced via TSM may sometimes trigger an 'assertion failure' error.