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  • Some addons are causing conflicts after pre-patch 8.0, if you are encountering any errors please disable all other addons as a first troubleshooting step. 
  • Currently known addons that may cause conflicts: ElvUI, Pawn, FishingBuddy, Bagnon, ArkInventory, ConsLegion.
  • Disenchant information is currently inaccurate after the item level squish.


  • An FPS drop on very first launch with TSM4 is expected, leave it running while things load and then restart your game client.
  • Tooltip and account sync settings are reset with TSM4
  • Some button names have changed so the TSM3 Scrollwheel macro will not carry forward, recreating the Scrollwheel macro in TSM4 will correct this. Other macros will need to be updated accordingly.
  • Sorting of the default "Auctions" UI tab doesn't work
  • Renaming a group may result in an error.
  • Confirming a buyout, cancel or auctioning post scan too quickly can cause errors in some situations.
  • Ignore Random Enchants option selection does not persist currently. Note the option only applies as you're adding items to a group.
  • Account Syncing currently does not share crafting data between accounts.
  • The TSM hook in to sold item alerts currently doesn't function, including the sale sound.
  • You may prompted about missing pricing data despite having pricing data on login.