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Patch 7.3.5

  • Items dropped after patch 7.3.5 may be scaled with unique bonusIDs and will have no pricing data. Items must be added to a TSM group with 'ignore random enchants' selected, base versions of the item will track pricing correctly.

TSM Shopping

  • 'Max Restock Quantity' settings in TSM Shopping Operations are not always honored.
  • Running a disenchant search in TSM Shopping may sometimes trigger an 'assertion failure' error
  • A Crafting search in TSM Shopping for Sallow Pigment will not return Felwort.
  • Buying auctions may sometimes fail, even if the auction is still listed.
  • Manually cancelling auctions through TSM Shopping may sometimes cause the 'Cancel' button to become non-interactive. You can work around this by clicking slower.

TSM Crafting

  • Using 'Create All' or 'Craft Next' with multiple crafts in TSM Crafting will occasionally stop after the first craft. A temporary workaround is to /reload and try again.

TSM Destroying

  • Sometimes items that you can disenchant are not displayed in the TSM Destroying window. A temporary workaround is to disable the automatic display of the TSM Destroying window at /tsm > Options > Destroying, reloading your UI with /reload, waiting 30 seconds and typing /tsm destroy to manually display the Destroying window.
  • Since Patch 7.3 this can also cause lag, as above recommend to disable automatic display of destroying window as a workaround.


  • Using certain TSM features while running two WoW clients synced via TSM may sometimes trigger an 'assertion failure' error.


If your issue is not listed above, please follow the directions for getting help.

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