There are a number of ways to filter lists of items to find the exact ones you may want. All of these work in searching for items in Shopping, as well. The Basic syntax is STRING/MINLVL/MAXLVL/iMINILVL/iMAXILVL/exact/PRICE. Each of these are optional entries. This may be best illustrated by examples:

Note: In Shopping, you can append multiple searches together using a semi-colon. For example stormscale/i400;misthide/i400 returns any items with stormscale in the name above ilvl 400 as well as all the items with misthide in the name above item level 400.

Finally, check out the TSM Group Maker to quickly import sets of items for WoWHead, the Undermine Journal, or Wowuction into TSM Groups.

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