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TSM 4.10

UI Customizations

  • The UI is now much more customizable, including the following:

    • You can now select between a few different themes to change the color scheme of all TSM windows.

    • Scrolling tables can now have their columns resized and hidden.

      • Table column sizes can be individually reset by right-clicking on the resizer

    • Vertical dividers can now be dragged to resize the left/right content.

    • In selection lists (i.e. group item lists and Auctioning "Post from Bags" list) now allow for dragging with the right mouse button down to quickly select multiple rows.

    • All UI state and context (i.e. collapsed / expanded groups, divider position, table context, etc) is saved between sessions.

General Features & Fixes

  • TSM Sniper has been re-enabled, with a 30-second delay before restarting the scan.

  • Account syncing has been updated to include Accounting sales and purchases.

    • Deleting Accounting data can only be done on the Account it was recorded on

  • Filter strings now support a max quality (i.e. /armor/uncommon/epic).

  • Added app status icon to the top of relevant UIs

  • The default AH sounds will now play when opening/closing the AH with TSM

  • All TSM item tooltips should now properly show the comparison tooltip for armor/weapons when holding shift

  • You'll now be prompted to buy herbs in multiples of 5 for milling in crafting mode searches
  • Re-introduced an option to prevent the AH frame from closing when pressing "ESC"
  • TSM will no longer track vendorbuy prices for limited quantity items
  • TSM now tracks the current gold of each of your characters and displays it when hovering over the player gold text in various TSM windows
  • Linking an item while editing an input will now insert the item into the input
  • Inputs will now show a red border when their content is invalid and will no longer reset when hitting enter if the content is invalid
  • Shortened the chat prefix to "TSM"
  • Updated some transform / milling ratios
  • You can now link items from group item lists
  • Throughout TSM, there have been a ton of optimizations (especially around UI performance) and minor fixes. Some of the bug fixes are detailed below:

    • Fixed error with Skillet + TSM loaded.

    • Fixed recording of incorrect commodity purchase quantities when not using TSM. to open mail.

    • Fixed a bug where the "Destroy Next" button would get stuck.

    • Fixed various issues when buying commodities via Shopping / Sniper.

    • Fixed the auction purchase message to properly show the item / price.

    • Fixed issue with Auctioning not posting the right quantity of commodities.

    • Fixed profession not updating to reflect skill-up changes

    • Fixed Task List showing mailbox isn't open when it is

    • Fixed group trees not updating properly when new groups are created

    • Fixed issue with Craft Next button and the Task List getting stuck after crafting one item

Price Sources

  • There are new operation-based price sources available:

    • auctioningopmin, auctioningopmax, auctioningopnormal, shoppingmax, sniperopbelow

  • A new SmartAvgBuy price source has been added alongside the existing AvgBuy price source to replace the previous "Use Smart Average for Purchase Price" setting.

  • A new SaleRate price source has been added which represents your personal sale rate.

  • A new NumInventory price source has been added to represent your total inventory quantity.

Auction House

  • The Shopping tab of the auction house has been renamed to Browse and the various auction tabs have been reordered to make their functions clearer

  • A new Commodity Buyout modal has been introduced for purchasing commodities

  • Browse scans now show browse results as they are loaded, and allow for pausing to quickly buy items before the entire scan finishes.

  • Auctioning scans can now be paused/resumed to post/cancel items before the scan completes.

  • The "even stacks" option has been removed from Shopping/Browse as it is no longer needed with the new commodity system in 8.3

  • The Bid and Buyout confirmation window with Browse and Sniper can now be added to the TSM macro.

  • You can now quickly cancel your own auctions from Browse (retail only).

  • The search mode has been removed from Shopping, and replaced with the (pre-existing) "/crafting" filter option.

  • The default commodity purchase quantity will now be more intelligently set when doing certain Shopping searches (i.e. gathering).

  • The My Auctions UI can now be sorted (retail only).

  • Favorited Auctioning searches can now be renamed.

  • The Auctioning Log has been improved to give more clarity on what has already been posted/cancelled.

  • The auction duration in My Auctions will now be colored on retail

  • Added (disabled by default) Bid Total, Buyout Total, and Bid % columns to the Auction table


  • Added a new Operations Summary Page showing number of groups and items each Operation affects
  • Various Auctioning operation settings (post cap, max expires, keep quantity, stack size) now accept custom prices.
  • Restock quantity settings within Shopping and Crafting operations now accept custom prices.

  • The Auctioning post cap, Warehousing and Vendoring Operation max values have been increased to 50k for retail.

  • Auctioning operations will now remember what tab you're on


  • The crafting queue will now be sorted by profit (after whether or not you have the mats needed to craft things).

  • Added "Create Groups from Table" option to recipe list in the Crafting UI as well as the tables in Crafting Reports to easily create a group from a filtered list

  • Recipes can now be favorited within the Crafting UI to allow for easy access.

  • Items in the Crafting Queue will have a distinct tooltip, showing profit per craft and total profit for queued crafts

  • Material costs can now be easily reset to the default value.

  • Removed old ranks of recipes from Crafting Reports

  • The crafting cost tooltip will now show for all craftable items, even if the crafting cost isn't currently valid, to allow for more easy debugging of missing mat costs.

  • The crafting numeric input will now update while crafting

  • The recipe list will now remember what's collapsed and properly change the selection when collapsing categories

  • Updated default craft value method to include AH fee (for new TSM installs only)


  • You can now search for any item in the game and easily add it to a group via the new Base Group UI.

  • A group with multiple operations can now have its operations easily be reordered by clicking and dragging them.

  • Import / Export has moved from its own tab to be integrated into the Groups UI, with a much improved import and export flow


  • The gold graph on the dashboard is now much more interactive and provides significantly more detail.

  • Dashboard time range and selected players will now persist across sessions

  • Added feedback when there's nothing to send when mailing groups
  • Opening mail which doesn't contain items will now work when your bags are full
  • Added dry-run modifier to test sending groups via Mailing UI (CTRL)
  • Added (disabled by default) sender column to Inbox

Destroying / Ledger
  • The Destroying UI now allows for selecting a specific item to destroy next, and shows the expected results at the top of the UI.

  • Added (disabled by default) "Total" column to the Sales and Purchases tabs of Ledger

  • Added (disabled by default) "Total Profit" and "% Profit" columns to Resale tab of Ledger

  • Added "Alts" column to Inventory UI and updated "GVault" column to include alt guilds


  • Shift-clicking to buy more than one now brings up a brand new dialog that allows you to easily dial in how many you want to buy

  • The repair button has a new tooltip to show repair costs
  • Vendoring has much improved support for alternative currencies

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