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This guide is a general list of steps to follow to setup the TSM Desktop Application. If you have difficulties, please feel free to visit us in IRC. This guide assumes you already have an active TSM Account on this website. If not, please create an account now

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download TSM Addons
    1. All of our addons are available on Curse. You can view detailed information on each on each one here. You can also use the button to the right for 1-click install of all TSM addons if you use the Curse Client. Be sure to get BOTH addons listed on the addon overview page!

  2. Download TSM Desktop Application Installer
    1. The latest version of out installer uses proper installation methods so that it will show in the installed programs list. You can find our more information on our desktop application here or click the button to the right to download the installer.

  3. Install TSM Desktop Application 
    1. Download links: Windows | Mac
    2. While installing the TSM Desktop Application feel free to choose an alternate install location, otherwise just click through the screens as the default location should be fine for most people.

  4. Login to TSM Desktop Application
    1. Login to the TSM Desktop Application using your TSM user account email address and password. Note: You cannot log in to the app with your TSM Username.

  5. Configure WoW Path
    1. Once logged into the TSM Desktop Application, click the orange "Settings" button in the top right. On the General tab of the Settings window, click the "Browse" button and browse to top level of your World of Warcraft installation. For the average person this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\, for me it is D:\World of Warcraft\ - you do not need to select your retail or classic folder specifically. Make sure you have launched WoW at least once before selecting your folder.

  6. Setup Realms
    1. While still on the General tab of the Settings window, click the "Setup Realms" button. This will open a browser window to our realms setup page. Once here, locate your region/realm combination, and click the "Add Realm" button. You can add up to 10 realms to your account, or 25 with TradeSkillMaster Premium

  7. Restart TSM Desktop Application
    1. When you have finished configuring your realms, return to the TSM Desktop Application, close it, and restart it. This will force the TSM Desktop Application to pull down the most recent data for your newly configured realms. In addition it will pull down region data for any region that you have added a realm from. If you only have EU realms, you would not receive US data, for example.

  8. Login to WoW and Verify
    1. Finally login to WoW to verify that you have data for your configured realms. If your WoW was already open, please completely close it and restart. The easiest way to verify that you have pricing data is to look at the tooltip of a common item. Check the time to the right of "TSM AuctionDB" in the tooltip. If it is recent (within the last approx ~1 hour) then you have successfully setup your TSM Desktop Application. If you have any issues please feel free to visit us in IRC here.

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