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On this page you will find basic information about the affiliate program.


The purpose of the Affiliate Program

The TSM Affiliate Program is a mutually beneficial agreement between TSM and the Affiliate. Affiliates will receive a portion of a TSM Premium payment when their affiliate link is used.


Currently in beta

We consider the Affiliate program to currently be in ‘beta’. We began this beta period by sending out invitations to a few people in the community. We will be in beta until we’re certain the program works as intended.


Becoming an affiliate

The kind of affiliates we’re looking for are people who’re a part of the goldmaking community, who create interesting and engaging content they share with their viewers.

We haven’t set specific rules as to who can, or who can’t, become an affiliate. If there’s someone that catches our interest, we will contact them. If you’d rather take things into your own hands, you can apply* for the Affiliate Program by sending an email to [email protected]. We will need a link to your channel (twitch, youtube, etc.) to evaluate you.


*Applying does not mean you’re accepted as an affiliate. No rights can be derived from the information presented here.

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