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As of TSM 4.10, you can search and filter the Base Group for ungrouped items, without the need to import through the Group Maker tool.

  1. Select Groups
  2. Select the Base Group
  3. Enter a search or filter
  4. Select the items
  5. Select the Group or create a new Group
  6. Click Move items

To make use of the Group Maker tool, you can first filter for the items you want to add to a group. Make sure you're filtering items, and not spells or recipes:

  • Create your item filter
  • Highlight and copy the items you want to add to a group

  • Paste the result in to Group Maker
  • Copy the Group Import String

  • Paste it into the Import Dialog in TSM

This will create a new group 'Imported Group', that you can move by dragging and dropping in the group tree. You can move items to a parent group by holding shift + clicking remove.

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