How can I help localize the TSM Addon?

Written by Gumdrops (Community Manager)

Updated at July 25th, 2021

We rely entirely on the community to translate TradeSkillMaster into the many other languages which WoW supports. TradeSkillMaster uses the Curseforge's localization system to manage its localizations. Whenever the English phrases are changed, a developer will upload the new phrases to this system and then translators will see the phrase listed and be able to enter a translation. Every time a new version of TradeSkillMaster is release, Curseforge will automatically package the latest translations with the addon.

How to Help Translate TradeSkillMaster

All that is required is a curse/curseforge account (they are the same). Once you're logged in and have read the tips section below, visit one of the following pages and localize as many or few phrases as you have time for!

Tips for Localizing Phrases

  • Try and keep the length of the text the same size as or smaller than the original English phrase to ensure it'll fit nicely in the allotted space in the addon.
  • If you see '%s' in the phrase, that will be replaced by some other string or number so it should be placed appropriately in the translated version.
  • Color formatting should be preserved (and not changed). IE "|cff00aaff" and "|r" signifies that the text between will be colored differently.