Which Value Sources can I use and what do they mean?

Written by Gumdrops (Community Manager)

Updated at August 1st, 2021

Here we will describe some of the Value Sources referenced on the What is a Value Source? page in more detail.

Value Sources will return a positive integer or a decimal number, and can also be split between external and internal sources. External sources are provided by and/or calculated by TradeSkillMaster, such as DBRegionSaleRate from AuctionDB or the RequiredLevel of an item, and internal sources are derived or calculated from other activity you have recorded in the addon, such as NumExpires or NumInventory.

TSM Accounting

NumExpires (Expires Since Last Sale)
SaleRate (Sale Rate)

From TSM Accounting, NumExpires will return an integer for the number of times an item has expired or been cancelled from the Auction House since the last time it was sold. SaleRate will return a decimal number that shows your personal Sale Rate of an item i.e a SaleRate of 0.4 indicates an item has sold for you 40% of the time you have posted it.

TSM Core

ItemLevel (Item Level)
ItemQuality (Item Quality)
RequiredLevel (Required Level)
NumInventory (Total Inventory Quantity)

From TSM Core, there are three Value Sources available to reference the ItemLevelItemQuality and RequiredLevel of a particular item. NumInventory will return an integer indicating the number of an item you currently possess.  

TSM AuctionDB

DBRegionSaleRate (AuctionDB - Region Sale Rate (via TSM App))
DBRegionSoldPerDay (AuctionDB - Region Sold Per Day (via TSM App))

From TSM AuctionDB, DBRegionSaleRate will return a decimal number that indicates the Sale Rate of a particular item averaged across all Auction Houses in your Region i.e a DBRegionSaleRate of 0.4 indicates an item will sell on average 40% of the times it is posted per Auction House in your Region. DBRegionSoldPerDay will return a decimal number indicating the volume of an item that is sold on average per Auction House per day in your Region.