Known issues in Retail WoW

Written by Gumdrops (Community Manager)

Updated at March 2nd, 2022

Retail - Patch 9.2


  • An FPS drop on very first launch with TSM4 or after a game patch is expected, leave it running while things load and then restart your game client.

  • TSM Item Cache will be rebuilt whenever the Game client version changes i.e after a hotfix


  • The selected auction may skip a line while purchasing while using the scrollwheel macro.
  • Sniper may sometimes return an error after buying an item.


  • Moving items to/from bank can be slow and can miss items
  • Using the /tsm put or /tsm get command may cause errors for items with bonusIDs


  • Destroy Next may sometimes get stuck if it's clicked too quickly, or an addon is used to hide the loot frame.


  • Crafter's Mark III may sometimes display the crafting cost from a profession the character does not have access to

Task List

  • Task List does not currently support trading for inks at the Ink Trader, despite considering the relative cost.
  • Task List sometimes suggests collecting expired auctions incorrectly.
  • Collecting items from the guild bank is generally slow.
  • Task List may get stuck if you get interrupted while crafting from the Task List.

Account Syncing

  • Occasionally the account sync process will cause performance issues.

If your issue is not listed above, please join us in Discord and share as much information as possible.