What do I get with TradeSkillMaster Premium?

What are the benefits?

Written by Gumdrops (Community Manager)

Updated at August 8th, 2021

Some of the things you can expect to get with TradeSkillMaster Premium include:

  • Peace of mind, with automated remote backups of all your TSM profiles, groups, operations and accounting data. In the event of data loss, or moving to a new system, you won’t have to worry about rebuilding your TSM configuration from the ground up. Check your latest backups and mark up to 20 as ‘saved’ so they’ll never be removed.
  • A competitive edge, with priority beta access to future addon, application and website updates. A new version of TSM is usually around the corner and will be tested before officially launching.
  • In-depth analytics, with automatic syncing of Ledger data to the web-based Ledger tool. Gain insights on what is performing well, or not, and adjust your strategy with hard data. Get started online today.
  • Data-rich decisions, with option to add up to 40 additional realms to your TradeSkillMaster account. Scale your server arbitrage from the 10 realm limit with a free account, and amass fortunes in all corners of Azeroth.
  • Quality of life, with Great Deal searching directly in-game, no need to leave the Auction House. Head to the Browse tab and search with a click.
  • High level visibility, with Black Market Auction House searches and alerts plus unlimited region-wide Auction House notifications. Search our site for your missing piece of Vanilla Tier 3 armor which realm(s) it is currently listed on, and enable BMAH alerts for your Realm or Region. Or set up a notification to hunt for a particularly rare Alchemy recipe posted to the Auction House in your region.

  • Additional perks, with ad-free site browsing and recognition in our Discord server. Sync your TSM Account with our bot on Discord to get a golden name, plus access to a private off-topic chat for Premium members.