How do the #Default Operations work?

Written by Gumdrops (Community Manager)

Updated at March 6th, 2022

Auctioning Operation

Coming soon.

Shopping Operation

The default Shopping Operation has a default value for Maximum auction price of 'dbmarket', this means that any auctions posted at market value or below will be returned in the Shopping scan results. By default there are no maximum restock values defined, meaning there is no limit on the number of items purchased. Learn more about Shopping Operations.

Crafting Operation

The default Crafting Operation has a default value for Min restock quantity of 10 and default value for Max restock quantity of 20 and a minimum profit of 100g. This means for each crafted item that you know the recipe for, TSM will only consider adding the crafted item to your craft queue if it has a profit of at least 100 gold and at least 10 items would be added to your queue to reach a maximum stock of 20 items. Learn more about Crafting Operations.

Sniper Operation

Coming soon.

Vendoring Operation

The default Vendoring Operation has a default value of 20 for Min number of expires, and no values set for Max market value and Max destroy value. This means any item regardless of the value will be sold to a vendor if it has expired from the Auction House at least 20 times. This does not include soulbound items. Learn more about Vendoring Operations.

Warehousing Operation

The default Warehousing Operation does not do anything. Learn more about Warehousing Operations.