Why am I missing crafting costs or profits in my profession window?

Written by Gumdrops (Community Manager)

Updated at August 29th, 2021

The most common reason for missing information in your profession window related to crafting costs or profits is missing pricing data. Make sure your TSM Desktop Application is installed and configured.

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If you have pricing data and are still missing crafting costs or profits in your crafted item tooltips, ensure you have opened the profession window with the TSM Crafting UI so the addon can cache your recipe information. Using the default Blizzard profession window will not give you any crafting information for TSM, click the TSM4 button in the top right of the default Blizzard profession window to switch to the TSM Crafting UI:

Other reasons why crafting costs or profits are missing:

  1. One or more reagents have an invalid material cost. The crafting cost is the sum of the material cost from each reagent in the recipe, if one or more reagent has an invalid material cost, then crafting cannot be calculated.
  2. The crafted item value is invalid. The crafted item value minus the crafting cost is the resulting profit or loss, if the crafted item value is invalid the calculation for profit or loss cannot be completed. By default, the crafted item value looks at the minimum buyout, then the market value if the minimum buyout is not valid. If market value is invalid then the crafted item value is invalid. This is due to the item not being posted to your Auction House in the last 14 days. This also applies to items that are bind on pickup, which cannot be posted to the Auction House.
  3. The recipe is on another account that is not synced. Ensure your accounts are synced and profession information has been shared between accounts. If the TSM item cache has been rebuilt, log into each character that has professions to open the profession window and resync your recipe data.